Worthwhile Chase.

My heart is a tempting land surrounded by miles and miles of stormy ocean of my mind.
I will imprint upon your soul like water seeps through the earthy soil,thawing the raw fibres of your muscles on my way, sending tremors down your lower back.
I will make you find hope in the shredded rays of sunlight peeping through the canopied trees.
I will make you find peace staring into the nothingness of the fading light.
You will find strength in the salty tears dried up on your cheeks.
You will find courage stitching your own wounds,nursing you own injuries.
You will find pleasure in the hollow of my neck and heavy thighs.
I would fill your heart with sweet pain and guilty passion.
Your heavy heart would feel like a clenched fist between your ribs.
You will find love.In me.
Come? Find me.

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