A Chaotic Dimension.


Time is the representation of an inset ; story within a story.Generation after generation witnesses the same 4o’clock.Some held hands.Some lost hope.Some kissed.Some cried.Such enormous magnitude of action in just a fraction of a second.
Time is a bewildering unidirectional mechanism.Time is a paradox.Time is a fortuitous paronomasia.On one hand it is a metaphorical dramatic symbolisation of one’s throe, on the other just a simple unit of relativity.
It is the universe’s flaw.Time is a spiral circle ; an illusion.Time is a scoff of the chronological events of moratal creatures.
Time is a drive of unquenchable thirst for desires.Time is eternal yet time is a speck of forever.Time is a soul’s cure, a broken heart’s remedy.Time is the road to destiny.Time is ones escapism.
Past is a lie. Tomorrow is unfounded.Time is just the present,what we have in hand.
A chaotic dimension.

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