Saccharine Glimpses of the Past.


Does one look at something gives you such a clear flashback to the past?
This^ is the view from my nani’s balcony.It’s been a decade+2 years
since I’ve been watching this view.
I remember sitting the whole night in the balcony with my brother ,watching these two trees dance to the blowing wind.We never used to complain about the long powercuts,just sit for hours in silence, enjoying our own solitude.
I can never forget how I used to collect beyblades and come show them off to my brother in the summer vacations,grinning end to end.Then he would show me his collection of action figures and I would just shut up.
Our never ending surprises of ice cream bricks.Midnight maggi treats used to be my favourite part.Shamelessly gulping down cans of coke, followed by burp battles ( Gross? i know.)NEVER finishing our homework on time.How I used to beat him in drawing and how he beat me ( literally) in this warfare soldier game we used to play.How my nana ji ALWAYS made us brush our teeth before we slept.While in the morning, we tried to act oversmart and used to throw away milk in the “secret chamber”, though always getting caught.Whoops.
Just one look at this view and I can re-live those precious moments again.Human mind amazes me really.
When did we grew up,I didn’t even realize.

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