My sweet solace.


I sit here sipping my coffee wondering if I will ever be able to write something that matters.Something which which people can relate to with such unanimity ,that it becomes immortal.I get this writer’s block very often. It upsets me.
I pen down thoughts which people can ponder upon, and write out feelings which stirs something inside the reader.
I want to be sensitive but not vulnerable.
I want be the observer,not the offender.
I am really intrigued by the human subconscious mind and the transformation of human emotions.Forever in love with the human race.
I get lost among scraps of pages ; this is the only place I don’t have to pretend.
Here I can cry my heart out.Here I can be bitter. Here I can blame.
Because I know I won’t be judged.
Writing is my sweet escape.
It’s my sweet solace.

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