About me


My name is Falguni.Chronologically I’m 18 but I act 7 most of the time.
I am am empath.I am an extremely independent person but sometimes wish that someone was there beside me.I can’t flirt. It’s a proven fact.However I show my reciprocated affection through flushed cheeks.I am a feminist but not kind who thinks that women are better than men.
I absolutely loathe arguments so I try not to lie in most of the situations, but still end up doing it. Whoops.
I walk away from people who hold me down.
I connect to people easily.I listen to understand not only to respond.I posses a sharp tongue and cutting sarcasm.I like to empower people around me.I respect people who treat me right, but might not appear too pleasant to people who provoke me.
I am an overthinker with creative imagine.I drift so far away in my thoughts that I loose sense of reality.
I like capturing moments.I try to write and draw in my free time.


This^ is one of my doodles.
People believe I’m a poised personality, but actually i’m quite unstable emotionally.I don’t like whining and complaining.I just accept things as they are.
I like to share ideas and experiences and have deep intellectual conversations with clever people. As you must have figured out, I’m sapiosexual.
I’m very short tempered and get extremely jealous.I neither hesitate to apologize first nor am I afraid to speak out my feelings.I’m brutally honest with people I care about.I can’t and won’t sugarcoat stuff, which I consider both an asset and a flaw.I have a speck of cynicism on myself.Ironically I love making people happy.When I care, I care very deeply.

14 thoughts on “About me”

  1. If u remember me you must be thinking I am a stalker…..but your blogs are so amazing…..why did u stop writing?….well every blog is 10/10…but this right here my friend I guess is my personal best because this is the place where I realised how awesome you are actually…ummmm I think just that.
    Just bdw I reactivated my Instagram account for you and waiting for ur reply

    Thank you 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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